Cleaning and Restoring the Contents of Your Home

Cleaning and restoring your home after an unfortunate event seems like a colossal task. When disaster strikes, the health and safety of your family is the most important thing. But priceless heirlooms and personal belongings hold value to homeowners and are included in the cleaning and restoration process.

Your restoration team will clean and restore the contents of your home. They will assess the damage and get your input on what valuables need to be recovered. Each item is evaluated to determine what methods are needed for cleaning and restoring the contents.

Types of Content Cleaning and Restoring

Upholstered furniture is inspected and pre-vacuumed. Then the restoration team begins the cleaning process: pre-spray and pre-spot cleaning, pre-agitate, rinse and extraction, neutralization, post-treatments, drying and finally, repair of fabrics. All of this happens with extreme care for the content of the furniture.

Carpet cleaning and repair might seem impossible if the damage is extensive, but our team has been able to repair frayed edges, burn marks and missing pieces. The carpets receive deep cleaning. The carpet goes through water removal and drying. We inspect the carpet for damages and repair the carpet. For soot and smoke damage, neutralizing orders is important.

For salvageable electronics, our technicians do what they have to do to bring them back to working order. Individual components might need replacing. Wet electronics go through a drying to process to potentially return to functioning order. The cleaning and restoration of electronics is a special process. Our trained technicians will work with you and your insurance company for the best solution.

When it truly matters

The contents of your home are meaningful, and our team believes in providing service with care. Certified technicians and restoration experts arrive at your home and inspect each item. Assessing the damage means that the team can determine the best course of action for cleaning and restoring the contents of your home.

Each item gets a cleaning according to its material. Fabrics require a different strategy than plastics or electronics. Specialty rugs undergo a process in our facilities while carpets go through cleaning on-site.

The contents of your home go through cleaning and restoration so that you can return home as soon as possible. If your home needs its contents cleaned and restored, call us at 919-846-3828.