Categories of Water Damage in Your Home or Office

It is important to determine the category of water damage in your home. They determine this by the water source and the level of potential contamination. These categories are important. They allow the water damage restoration experts to know which procedures are necessary. 

Categories of water damage in home or office

●     Category 1: Water damage in this category comes from a clean water source. A broken water main or the sink could be the cause. This is fresh or sanitized water and poses little to no risk for harmful health risks. Sanitation and cleaning procedures will still get implemented in the cleanup. The safety measures taken will vary if the water category indicates it is unsanitary.

●     Category 2: Water damage in this category poses significant contamination. This would include used or dirty water from dishwashers or the washing machine. Maybe a bathtub overflowed during a shower. Maybe toilet water sloshed over the sides and leaked onto the bathroom floor. Special precautions are in place.

●     Category 3: Water damage in this category poses a health risk because of high contaminated. This might be water that comes from the sewer or waste line flooding. It could be the water from a nearby river or lake. Bacteria and other harmful micro organisms will be present in this water. The highest level of precautions apply in the cleanup for this category level.

Experts will begin the process of extracting the water after they determine the level of water damage. They will begin drying and cleaning the home or office.

Water damage restoration

Cleaning and disinfecting your personal belongings will also be part of the process. It is vital to the restoration process that the team removes health hazards from your property. Knowing the category of the water damage is the first step in water damage restoration.

Remember that is a good idea to remove yourself from the water as soon as possible. You do not want exposure to category 2 and 3 water for any length of time. Your health and safety is your primary concern.