Carpet Cleaning After A Busy Holiday Season

Whew! The holiday season has ended. Congratulations on entertaining family members, extended relatives, and friends. Your carpet, on the other hand, might be even more relieved than you are that the holidays have ended. CARE Services carpetcleaning to the rescue!

Carpets deal with so much this time of year. How can you go about refreshing your carpets after a busy holiday season?

Vacuuming is great but doesn’t do enough

Regular vacuuming does your carpets a world of good. Vacuuming removes surface dirt and allergens. Over time, vacuuming is unable to do a complete cleaning job. Dirt and grime get pushed deep into the carpet fibers as people walk or furniture is moved. When that happens, vacuuming does not go deep enough.

Carpet fibers also begin to show wear and tear. Frayed fibers do not collect allergens as well as they did when they are fresh. Allergen accumulation can cause sneezing and sniffles all year long.

So, while vacuuming is a great first step, your carpets need more to become refreshed after the holiday season. That’s where deep carpet cleaning comes in.

Deep carpet cleaning

C.A.R.E. Services professional carpet cleaning experts can restore your carpets’ condition through a cleaning process used by IICRC-certified firms. This process, called truck-mounted hot water extraction, is the best method for deep carpet cleaning.

Carpets are cleaned right down to the ends of their fibers. The truck-mounted hot water extraction system gets down deep into the carpets to clean and remove caked-in dirt and grime. White carpets look sparkling white again! Beige carpets look beige once more!

Of course, it’s not enough to just clean the carpets after a busy holiday season. We take it a step further by protecting your carpets after they have been cleaned. This protectant wraps around the carpet fibers to keep dirt and grime from settling into the depths of the carpet.

When you vacuum again, it will seem as if your carpet was just deep-cleaned! The carpets stay refreshed for longer with our protectant. Then the carpets, your investment, are ready to entertain more guests throughout the year.

Seasonal deep-cleaning of your carpets will prolong the life of the carpet. Wouldn’t you want your carpet to look beautiful for decades to come? Contact C.A.R.E. Services today to schedule a carpet cleaning consultation and refresh your carpets after this busy holiday season!