C.A.R.E Services – Hurricane Irma Experience

After Hurricane Irma CARE Services was asked to assist with recovery efforts in Florida.  We were specifically asked to assist in the Miami metro area which was hit pretty hard.  It was, to say the least, a humbling experience.

Storm Damage Remediation

Storm damage remediation is a very different process from what most residential homeowners have dealt with.  For all intents and purposes, storm surge and storm water are considered sewage especially days after the event when it has time to sit there and fester.  There are unique hazards and concerns that come with making a house safe after a storm such as Irma.  First and foremost is making sure nothing is growing such as mold, mildew, or fungus and if it is setting up containment so that the residence and the rest of the house stays safe and clean.  Personal protective equipment such as hazmat suites, respirators, and face shields must always be worn making the work slower and hotter than in normal situations.

The actual damage to the homes in the area was devastating. Roofs were completely blown apart, walls flooded with sea water and sea life… Yes, we found fish and other sea animals all over these houses brought in on the storm surge and left after the water receded.  Debris from the miles the water traveled over miles of land everywhere.  On one specific job we found the contents of the local grocery store all over the yard.

While we were only in Miami for two weeks and worked 18 hours a day, we only helped a handful of homes.  We needed to get back to our families and customers at home, but we could have been down there for months.  Miami is far from recovered and the amazing thing is the city is still alive with food, music, and the normal day-to-day life that it is known for.