C.A.R.E. Services Offers Specialty Carpet Cleaning

Everyday foot traffic can do a number on the beauty and health of your rugs. Over time, rug fibers can become frayed and worn. They collect dirt and airborne pollutants that are not fully removed by vacuuming. C.A.R.E. Services offers specialty rug and carpet cleaning that can restore the beauty of rugs and carpets.

The Process

Loose rugs will be professionally cleaned in our warehouse. This way, your specialty carpet cleaning is the most thorough cleaning possible. We pre-inspect the rugs to determine fiber content, dye stability, and condition. The technician will outline the expected results. In addition, you can have us deliver your rug to the warehouse, or deliver it yourself for a discount on the service.

Dry soil removal is the first and most important step to cleaning rugs. Actually, woven rugs can hide as much as 85 pounds of dirt within its fibers and weaves (depending on size, of course)! A variety of techniques will be employed to essentially dust the rugs and remove hidden dirt from front to back. The next time will be pre-condition in which we soften the soils based on the fiber content and soiling type. Pre-spot and fringe protection works on the toughest soils on the rug and also cleans the fringe of the rug.

The Washing and Drying Process

The method for the wash and rinse step is determined by the type of rug. Some rugs will be washed and rinsed using our extraction equipment, while other rugs, such as Oriental rugs, will be washed in a process designed specifically for that type of rug. Of course, after washing and rinsing, the rug is dried completely in a controlled environment to prevent shrinkage.

The final step for cleaning the rug is finishing. Actually, we comb and use a soft groomer made for specialty rugs. In fact, the beauty and vibrancy will be restored. Then the rug receives a final inspection before we release it for delivery or pickup. If you want us to deliver the rug for you, our technicians will lay it out for you.

Remember what your rug looked like when you first brought it to your home or office? You can see that again with specialty rug and carpet cleaning from C.A.R.E. Services!