Burst Pipes: Common Causes and Restoration

Water damage from burst pipes is a common problem for homeowners. When pipes burst, it can cause a lot of stress. The good news is that the issue can be fixed.

Common Causes of Burst Pipes

Identifying the cause of the burst pipes is the first step. There could be several reasons why the pipes burst, but the four most common reasons include frozen pipes, loose or moving pipes, high water pressure, and corroded pipes.

Frozen pipes occur most often during the winter. Pipes can freeze in extreme cold weather, and any water frozen within the pipes expands and becomes heavy. Frozen pipes also cause stress on the pipe.

Moving pipes are pipes that are unsecured within walls or floorboards. Whenever water moves through the pipes, the pipes sway back and forth. The sound that people hear when this happens is called “water hammer.” Too much moving or too forceful moving can cause pipes to burst.

Increased water pressure also causes pipes to burst. The water pushes against the pipes. A weak joint or weak section within the pipe system can burst under the increased water pressure.

Corrosion from rust or mineral deposits weaken pipes. Rust eats through pipes over time. Mineral deposits from hard water act like plaque in the arteries. Water has a harder time pushing through, and the water can increase to a level that bursts the pipes.

Restoration after burst pipes

As soon as you know that pipes have burst, it is important to turn off the main water valve. Water will continue to pour into the house as long as the water system is still on. So, turn it off.

Water needs to be removed from the area. Call our 24-hour emergency water restoration experts. Our team will extract the water and dry the area. Leaving water in the basement can lead to a damaged foundation and mold growth.

Finally, the pipes need to be repaired or replaced. The restoration plan includes the restoration of the pipes so that it does not happen again. Personal belongings, carpet, and furniture are dried, cleaned, and restored. If you are experiencing burst pipes, do not hesitate to call us at 919-846-3828.