Biohazard Cleaning Services for the Home or Office

We don’t expect biohazard emergencies, like the result of a crime or medical emergency.

Therefore, our team of crime scene and biohazard cleaning experts are available 24/7. We take care of those messes that need protected specialty cleaning services.

Discreet and efficient biohazard cleaning

Our cleaning experts work discreetly and efficiently to remove the biohazards and restore the area. We follow the necessary guidelines for safe removal of biohazards.

Blood, bodily fluids, and body tissue require specialty cleaning to prevent the spread of disease and other illness. Other biohazard wastes will require  protective gear to remove it safely and securely, then we will clean and sanitize according to safety code.

We completely clean and sanitize the affected areas. If carpet and upholstery needs cleaning, then we will take care of that, as well. Our team will handle odor removal and naturalization. 

If the police block off the area we will clean after the investigation. Then it can be cleared for people to enter and inhabit. Our goal is to remove all signs of trauma and restore the space to its original state as fast as possible.

Reach us 24/7

The unexpected can happen and most of us are never prepared for it. But our team of cleaning and restoration experts can provide biohazard cleaning for your home or commercial space. It doesn’t matter what time or what day of the week it is. The C.A.R.E. Services team is available to help you deal with these unexpected emergencies 24/7.

Contact us to learn more about our emergency content cleaning and restoration services. Let us help you to restore your home or office to its original state.