Deep Cleaning Your Carpets

Finding the best way to clean carpets is a good goal for the season. Home and office carpets get a lot of traffic. The carpets become dirty and dull from day-to-day use. When you want to revive them, then cleaning your carpets is a smart move.

Your first defense against dirt is the vacuum cleaner. Vacuuming carpets on a regular basis (every day or at least once a week) will remove much of the top-level dirt embedded within the carpet fibers. However, there is often more dirt and allergens trapped inside of the carpet than most people realize. This is where other methods help to best clean your carpets.

Deep cleaning the carpets

The best way to clean carpets is to use a method that gets deep into the carpet fibers and extracts all of the dirt and dust ground into the fibers. A shampoo-and-dry method will clean the carpets but not as well as truck-mounted hot water extraction. This cleaning method uses hot water to lift stains and dirt from deep within the carpets. Then the water is extracted immediately afterward to reveal a fresher and cleaner carpet.

Carpets that are lighter in color tend to show more of the dirt. Regular deep cleaning of the carpet prolongs its life. We remove stains with spot treatments and ensure that no area has been overlooked. The truck-mounted hot water extraction removes all of the dirt and soil. Your beautiful carpets are once more revealed.

What makes a difference

When considering the best way to clean carpets, it is important to remember that regular deep cleanings of your carpets can make a huge difference. You will be able to extend the life of your carpets and restore the beauty of the carpet fibers. Protecting your investment starts with regular maintenance.

After we clean your carpets, we treat them with a special protectant. Your carpets will look freshly cleaned every time you vacuum. You will notice the difference right away. Clean carpets add to the beauty of your home, and a deep clean for your carpets will reveal that beauty once more to the world.