Bathroom Mold Removal

From showering to getting ready for the day, homeowners and their families probably spend a few hours in their bathrooms. It is also a place where mold likes to hang out. You might find yourself looking for the best bathroom mold removal techniques.

Causes of bathroom mold

Damp places are appealing to mold. Mold spores are natural to our environment. In general, they do not do anything to us. This changes when mold spores find moisture that encourages their growth. The bathroom tends to be damp from showers and baths. Mold grows in the caulking on the bathtub and along the walls and ceilings of the bathroom.

Surprisingly, the mold spores do not actually grow on the porcelain fixtures in your bathroom. They find their home on the organic matter left behind after a shower or bath. Cleaning the shower on a regular basis is one of the best ways to discourage the growth of mold. The second is to ensure proper air ventilation in the bathroom so that the room is dried after bathing.

Removing mold from the bathroom

Bathroom mold removal starts with an inspection from mold removal and remediation experts. Cleaning mold with bleach is not recommended. In fact, bleach has proven to be ineffective against mold growth. So, the mold remediation team will assess the extent of the mold problem in the bathroom.

The next step is bathroom mold removal. With the proper IICRC-certified techniques, the mold removal team removes the mold from the bathroom. Cleaning up after mold removal helps to remove the mold spores and the organic matter that contributed to the mold growth.

Preventing future mold growth

If there is a leaky faucet or pipe in the bathroom, this also needs to be addressed to prevent the return of bathroom mold growth. Mold remediation means finding ways to keep the mold away.

Keep the bathroom well ventilated and dry as much as possible. Opening a window or installing a bathroom ventilation system goes a long way to stop mold growth in its tracks. Your mold remediation experts can provide you with individualized tips on keeping the mold away.